Robin (Dick Grayson) (boy_wondering) wrote in aphelion_rpg,
Robin (Dick Grayson)


"Okay, just to keep you all informed of what I've been doing... I'm moving the colony. We still don't have much fuel, so I had Isis do one short burst on all the thrusters, pushing us in the direction of the Sun. We can put the brakes on later when we can afford to... or not. It's not really hurting us to drift in that direction. ...Anyway, if my calculations are correct, the meteor shouldn't come anywhere near us tomorrow. ...Keep your fingers crossed."

((Ffff, skipping ahead because that thread's going to take a while (thanks, Delirium!) and I should be asleep a long time ago. ...Stupid job.))
Tags: *intercom, [teen titans] robin
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