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Rose Tyler

July 16 // Rose, OPEN

Date: 7/16 (give or take, it's around midnight)
Characters: Rose Tyler, open
Location: Like SHE knows (but it looks ODDLY like a MIsc. Storage Room).
Summary: THE (rather late- sorry about that) ARRIVAL OF ROSE!
Warnings: My first post for her.... let's hope I do this right.

This was...strange. To say the least.  Of course, it wasn't like she wasn't used to it by now.  Strange was a regular part of her vocabulary.  Working for Torchwood on top of traveling with the Doctor, strange didn't even begin to describe some of the things she's seen.  So in turn, THIS (one minute chasing a frightened alien so it didn't get caught by any sort of government, to being in some sort of...well she didn't quite know what it was...) was classified as strange.

Rose attempted to get her headset communicator to work (it had to be the one time she didn't have her cell), "Doctor?...Doctor, can you hear me? Jake, you there?"  She frowned after several more attempts.  Hopefully the Doctor caught that poor creature and calmed her (or him, she could never be sure) down.  It still didn't feel right calling him that, but he insisted, and she complied.

She took a deep breath and (glad that she could breathe at all) took in her surroundings.  After a bit of wandering, she found a door, and being Rose, walked in.  It was a closet...a storage closet... more like a room. A storage room.  Since she was in no mood to be taken prisoner by whatever brought her here, she leaned against the wall with an eye on the door.  Rose decided to check herself for any unfamiliar bumps or bruises, then went about making sure her gun was loaded and at the ready...then switched it back to stun with a small smile.
Tags: *log: open, [doctor who] rose tyler
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