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Jun. 25th, 2010

So this is the story all about how...


June 25 // Church, OPEN

Date: June 25, after the CLANG!!
Characters: Church, anyone who would rather not space themselves (Open)
Location: Dining room
Summary: Church is tired of this bullshit. Not to mention confused.
Warnings: None?

Time for a meetingCollapse )
Taking charge of this bullshit



"Okay, I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but something really fucking strange is happening and we need to do something about it. Anyone who gives a shit, meet me in the dining room. Anyone who doesn't, go throw yourselves out an airlock, because you're a goddamn waste of oxygen."
Aphelion moderators



16:17, 6/25. A loud CLANG resonates through the colony, as if something solid had impacted with the station.

((Should anyone investigate, they will find a small dent and some icy rubble on the "eastern" side of the colony's roof.))

Jun. 24th, 2010

Aphelion moderators



09:02, 6/24. As suddenly as the others, a large meteorite collides with Icelus Station. The initial point of impact is over rooms 5 and 6, creating a hole roughly the same size as one of the shower rooms. It continues onward, ripping through the dining room and processing room just below, as well as the livestock pens, and on through the set of aeroponic and hydroponic chambers before finally lodging itself well inside the ice beneath the station, causing massive amounts of structural damage as the ice and rock shifts.

It takes no more than thirty seconds for the entire station to lose its heat and internal atmosphere - just enough time for you to realize the horror of what has happened, but not enough time for you to do anything about it. For those who are human or otherwise mortal, Time Lords included, death is inevitable. For those who are immortal, undead, or otherwise not alive in a biologically meaningful sense, congratulations, you are still immortal, undead, or otherwise not alive.

And then something strange happens. Those who died remember their deaths, and yet they are alive again, still standing just where they were before the collision. Everything is undamaged, and no sign of any asteroid impact on the colony - not even the previous minor strikes - can be found. If it wasn't for the clocks on the station, which now read 09:03, 6/24, it would seem that none of the past few days had ever happened.

Oh, right, and the immortals. They aren't there. No, they appear five hours later, although they, too, reappear in exactly the places they were when the meteorite struck, and they are not aware of the time having passed. From their perspectives, everyone was killed in a horrible accident, and then everything was fine again suddenly, only the clocks seem five hours too late in the day. Strange, indeed.

Jun. 21st, 2010


Enter: Red X

Date: June 21 - BEFORE Hull Breach
Characters: Red X, whoever wants to greet him.
Location: Observation Deck
Summary: Shock and awe.
Warnings: TBA

...Collapse )


June 21 // Sam, OPEN

Date: June 21
Characters: OPEN to all characters.
Location: The corridor, and EVA storage
Summary: Damage control, Hull breach on deck I.
Warnings: ??

Seal the bulkheadsCollapse )
Aphelion moderators


Whistley, whooshing noises?

14:26, 6/21. Another loud CLANG resonates through the colony, but this time it is followed by a whistling, whooshing shriek, loudest in the vicinity of the EVA Storage Room. A tangerine-sized hole has been punched through the outer wall; the colony is venting atmo.

Jun. 20th, 2010


June 20 // Delirium, OPEN

Date: June 20 (some time before the CLANG!)
Characters: Delirium, etc.
Location: Library
Summary: Delirium returns from a long walk through the stars.
Warnings: None

If you go straight long enough...Collapse )


June 20//OPEN

Date: June 20
Characters: OPEN to all characters.
Location: The corridor, near Room 8
Summary: There is a lound CLANG heard.
Warnings: ??

James is resting in a room down from where he had been sharing with Richard.  Resting in the bunk, with his eyes closed he heard the loud CLANG and sat up, stating what the hell.

Wondering out into the hallway, he wonders if anyone else had heard it too.

James goes walking to see if there is anything to be found.
Aphelion moderators



At 16:17, a loud CLANG resonates through the colony, as if something solid had impacted with the station.

((...Which it totally has. Should anyone investigate, they will find a small dent and some icy rubble on the "eastern" side of the colony's roof.))

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