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Astronomy, survival, community - a multifandom RP on a distant asteroid.
The Kuiper belt is a cold, cold place.

So far out on the edge of the solar system that the sun itself looks like just another star, no measurable amount of heat warms the surface of the tiny asteroid Icelus, or its much larger sibling Morpheus. The two ancient conglomerations of ice and rock exist in a world of perpetual night. The sun's gravity is just barely strong enough at this distance to keep the two asteroids from drifting off into deep space. It is a dark, cold, and most of all, lonely existence.

Or at least, it was.

How you arrived on Icelus, you can't say for sure. But it appears as though this frozen rock was waiting for your arrival. There are others here now as well, equally lost and confused. Who brought all of you here? What purpose did they have in mind? How do you get home?

The questions are troubling, but a quick exploration of your new surroundings reveals a more immediate concern. Unless you learn to work with your fellow abductees, and quickly, not one of you will survive.

You have your work cut out for you.

Aphelion is open for reserves and applications.
Come join us!
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