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Jul. 16th, 2010

rose x tardis otp


July 16 // Rose, OPEN

Date: 7/16 (give or take, it's around midnight)
Characters: Rose Tyler, open
Location: Like SHE knows (but it looks ODDLY like a MIsc. Storage Room).
Summary: THE (rather late- sorry about that) ARRIVAL OF ROSE!
Warnings: My first post for her.... let's hope I do this right.

This doesn't look like parallel London anymore.Collapse )

Jul. 8th, 2010


July 8 // The Master, OPEN

Date: 7/8, mid-afternoon
Characters: The Master, open
Location: Food Storage, Machine Shop
Summary: The satellites are finished, save for one final touch.
Warnings: Amorality regarding the dead, postmortem surgery (to be honest, this weirds me out, but that might just be because I'm writing it). Technomagic. (Spam spammity scheme scheme spam?)

The operation began later than expected...Collapse )

((The chat plan still stands as well, since the Master is still working in the Machine Shop.))

Jul. 4th, 2010


July 5 // Delirium, OPEN

Date: 7/5
Characters: Delirium, open
Location: Rec Room/Theater
Summary: Disappointed that Death didn't come for the other colonists, Delirium goes to sulk in the darkest, quietest place she can find.
Warnings: None

And as you take a bath in that beaten path, there's a pounding at the doorCollapse )

Jun. 28th, 2010




"Okay, just to keep you all informed of what I've been doing... I'm moving the colony. We still don't have much fuel, so I had Isis do one short burst on all the thrusters, pushing us in the direction of the Sun. We can put the brakes on later when we can afford to... or not. It's not really hurting us to drift in that direction. ...Anyway, if my calculations are correct, the meteor shouldn't come anywhere near us tomorrow. ...Keep your fingers crossed."

((Ffff, skipping ahead because that thread's going to take a while (thanks, Delirium!) and I should be asleep a long time ago. ...Stupid job.))
These are my idiots


6/28 // Freelancer Tex, open

Date: 6/28, shortly after the meteor hits outside
Characters: Freelancer Tex, open
Location: Outside the colony
Summary: For the one-time price of free, Tex does something helpful and heads out to make sure nothing outside has been damaged.
Warnings: None

Look at the size of the meteors on her!Collapse )


6/28 // Robin, OPEN

Date: June 28, after his intercom announcement
Characters: Robin, OPEN to all characters
Location: Rec Room
Summary: Robin found dying unpleasant the first time around, and attempts to brainstorm how to avoid doing it again.

Pace pace pace.Collapse )
srs biznis/sleuthing



"Okay, these meteor strikes are definitely in the same places at the same times as before. Which means tomorrow morning... I don't know about any of you, but I don't want to die again. Anyone wants to help me figure out how to, uh, not... I'll be in the Rec Room."
Aphelion moderators



11:44, 6/28. The colony shakes noticeably for a brief moment as another small meteorite whizzes by, missing the colony but creating a large crater on Icelus' surface, marring what used to be a lovely patch of ice with a big round hole.

Jun. 26th, 2010

Aphelion moderators


Whistley, whooshing noises

14:26, 6/26. Another loud CLANG resonates through the colony, followed by a whistling, whooshing shriek. A tangerine-sized hole has been punched through the colony's roof into the EVA Storage Room, in the same spot there had been a puncture five days ago; the colony is venting atmo. Again.

Jun. 25th, 2010



June 13 // Robin, the Doctor

Date: BACKDATED June 13... I think. It's been so long I forget when we decided this was, exactly. T_T
Characters: Robin, the Doctor
Location: Machine shop
Summary: The Boy Wonder and the Oncoming Storm have a chat over some bits of metal. Robin attempts to interrogate the Doctor about the Master, without much success. They talk about Tamaraneans and Highlanders instead. He does manage to learn a bit about the Time Lords though. Robin interrogates the Doctor about the Master again, this time slightly more successfully, but the muns put an end to it before he can ask questions for the next ten years.

Doctor/Robin bonding time... not *that* kind of slash, you sickos!Collapse )

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