Robin (Dick Grayson) (boy_wondering) wrote in aphelion_rpg,
Robin (Dick Grayson)

6/28 // Robin, OPEN

Date: June 28, after his intercom announcement
Characters: Robin, OPEN to all characters
Location: Rec Room
Summary: Robin found dying unpleasant the first time around, and attempts to brainstorm how to avoid doing it again.

Robin paced back and forth in the rec room, wearing a hole in the floor... or possibly burning one with his serious glare. His brain buzzed at a hundred miles an hour. Options... deflect it, destroy it... or dodge it. But how...?
Tags: *log: open, [doctor who] the master, [red vs blue] pvt. leonard church, [sandman] delirium, [stargate] col. samantha carter, [teen titans] robin
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