Freelancer Allison "Tex" (crankypsychoex) wrote in aphelion_rpg,
Freelancer Allison "Tex"

6/28 // Freelancer Tex, open

Date: 6/28, shortly after the meteor hits outside
Characters: Freelancer Tex, open
Location: Outside the colony
Summary: For the one-time price of free, Tex does something helpful and heads out to make sure nothing outside has been damaged.
Warnings: None

Yeah, they had been lucky when this one mixed. She circled the edge of the crater and shook her head at the size of the meteor. Why the hell didn’t this place have some kind of laser defense system? Sitting in space like this for any period of time presented this kind of risk, yet here they were, without any such thing. Whoever set this project up had done a poor job and deserved to be beat when she finally got her hands on them.

Her fingers traced the surface of the rock before bunching into a fist and she gave the thing a punch to test its strength. Last object she saw that landed here had been made of something much tougher than it had any right to be and she was satisfied when a small dent where her fist had hit its surface revealed that no, they were being hit by regular meteors. At least they had that in their favor, besides the fact that this one had missed the vital points laying outside the facility.
Tags: *log: open, [red vs blue] freelancer texas, [red vs blue] pvt. leonard church
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