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July 5 // Delirium, OPEN

Date: 7/5
Characters: Delirium, open
Location: Rec Room/Theater
Summary: Disappointed that Death didn't come for the other colonists, Delirium goes to sulk in the darkest, quietest place she can find.
Warnings: None

The inside of the rec room is a little strange. Or, more specifically, it's exactly the same except for a few smoky tendrils of something not altogether identifiable creeping out of the theater and curling onto the wall like pale vines. Oh, and there's a frog loose. Actually, three frogs, one of which has taken up residence on the rec computer keyboard and is ribbiting something that may or may not be recognizable as a Rolling Stones cover.

Inside the theater, the scene is altogether stranger. Near the entrance is a forest of half-formed, smoky trees, vines and birds, making it impossible to see farther inside. When touched, the remnants float to the floor and sit there like mist. Farther inside the theater, past the smoky forest, seemingly far past the forest but in reality only a few feet, is a darker section with a ceiling of storm clouds, a floor of shifting rounded pebbles, and small swarms of electric eels and jellyfish. The chairs are no longer visible, but very palpably there should anyone try to cross the room. At the farthest corner, facing away from the door, Delirium sits cross-legged and plain-clothed, her hair cropped close, petulantly manufacturing more eels, each with an angrier face than the last.
Tags: *log: open, [sandman] delirium
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